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Research field: Bioengineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Biotechnology, EEG and EMG signals


MAIN INVESTORS: Daniela De Venuto, Valerio F. Annese


Combining EEG and EMG signals for Biofeedback

"Several researches have proved that the executio of voluntary motor actions is preceded by preparation in the central nervous system, before then the awareness of intention to move. This pre-motor signal, named the Bereitschaftspotential (BP), starts about 1.0 s - 2.0s before the movement onset. We have characterized the spectral and spatial feature of EEG in presence and in absence of BP involved in voluntary leg movement preparation in order to verify if a muscle contraction sEMG signal is due to a voluntary action or not. In this case it is likely that the subject is falling, so the system could supply a feedback signal, which is currently subject of research. Starting from this idea, this study proposes a noninvasive mobile BCI for preventing fall events in elders at home, while performing normal daily activities. The very remarkable feature is that these tasks are accomplished by real-time connectivity of wireless ultra-low power smart sensors and a mobile device. This Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) uses the mobile device also for acting as a gateway for safe cloud storage for physicist remote assessment. The innovation of this system lies also on the powerful combination of EEG active dry electrodes mounted on a light headset and disposable surface EMG sensors, both without requiring application of conductive gels on skin. A possible solution could be offered by carbon trasducers  penetrating only outer millimeter-depth skin layer without pain and bleeding.Neither skin abrasion, gel treatment nor hair wash is required, allowing rapid montage time."


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Related Publications:

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