"RES NOVAE" : PON R&C 2007 -2013 – “SUPPORTING INNOVATION" - operational objective: "integrated actions for sustainable development and for information society development" promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
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MAIN INVESTORS: Daniela De Venuto, Valerio F. Annese


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1. G. Abbatantuono, V. F. Annese, G. Boggia, S. Bruno, P. Camarda, G.R. Dell’Osso, D. De Venuto, E. Di Sciascio, A. D’Orazio, M. P. Fanti, L. A. Grieco, F. Iannone, M. La Scala, G. Magno, A.M. Mangini, S. Mascolo, V. Petruzzelli, G. Piro, M. Roccotelli, M. Savino, D. Stroccoli. “Findings from the RES NOVAE Project: New Scenarios, Devices and Applications for the Smart District”. Proceedings of SCORE@POLIBA, 3-5 December 2014. Ongoing Research Project, volume A, published by Gangemi, pp. 443-453. ISBN 978-88-492-2964-6.