Regional Cluster (2016-2018 - Diabetes Integrated Monitoring System for self-care empowering)) promoted by Apulia Region

Consultant for Key Partner : Exprivia Healthcare IT Srl

Research field: Real-time Bio-signals processing, diabetes indexes extraction alghorithm

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MAIN INVESTORS: Daniela De Venuto, Valerio F. Annese, Giovanni Mezzina

Definition of Issues linked to Obesity

Obesity and diabetes have a close relationship, indeed, for some years now we talk about "Diabesity," a word that unites the two diseases in a single disease. The control of blood glucose levels within normal values ​​is entrusted to efficient insulin action. In the obese persons this action is insufficient, since the excess of adipose tissue determines the "insulin resistance", that decrease in the efficiency in the action of insulin, especially in peripheral tissues. It is for this reason that a significant consequence of diabetes by visceral obesity (abdominal fat) is the insensitivity or loss of ability in the lower extremities.

We think that an appropriate monitoring of blood glucose levels (already monitored in clinical trial), in combination with a focused and continuous study of peripheral muscle function, may provide a more complete trend of the progress or on the onset of the diabetes disease linked to obesity.

For this aim, the focus of the research is summarized in the following:
1. Assimilate the basic concepts related to the clinical profile of the disease (definition, prevention and current clinical standards)
2. Recognize highly characteristic clinical parameters, which can provide complete and efficient predictive models of the disease (i.e. conduction velocity, blood circulation, muscle tone)
3. Implementation of a sensing system based on EMG-footswitches, which are able to recognize a series of warning signs related to "Diabesity" complications.

The ultimate goal of the research relates to in vivo testing of the proven system.







DEIS Lab - Politecnico di Bari Via Orabona 4 - 70125 Bari, Italy