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Edu Facilities 

 >Educational facilities:
Test on:
- rectifiers
- inverters
- DC/DC converters
- drives controlled through DSP and dSPACE systems

Anaysis of distorted waveforms  

 >Research on PV Systems
- Design of PV converters digital control
- PV converters efficiency measurement (compliance to CEI 82-25)
- Islanding detection techniques for PV systems
- Design of PV transformer-less PV inverters


power converters  

 >  Research on Wind Turbine Systems
- Design of wind-turbine converters and digital control
- Performance verification
- Islanding detection techniques
- Low voltage ride through compliance evaluation (CEI 0-21)


Controllable Power Supply  

> Research on Microgrids
- Microgrids operation emulation modelled by means of LCL-filter-based grid converters
- Study of robustness and stability
- System damping


Multilevel converter 

>  Prototyping - Power converters prototyping and control system implementation - Several test benches equipped for power from 500 W up to 100 kW to provide experimental validation.