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The ARGONATH project aims to develop a robust application for the robotic surveillance of indoor environment.
This project is intended to be a worbench for experimentation of solutions in robot software architecture field and, at the same time, be the platform for studies concerning mobile robotic surveillance methods.
This project began as a thesis work by the authors and is being currently developed at the Mobile Robotics Laboratory of ISSIA (Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation) of CNR (National Research Council).

Last update: April 23, 2007


Environment recognition is a basic skill for a mobile robot to perform successfully inspection tasks. This project is a novel approach to recognition and monitoring of indoor environments by a mobile robot equipped with a camera and a laser range-finder.
The main objective is to build a modular, reusable application based on software engineering practices. To reach this goal we adopted MARIE (Mobile and Autonomous Robotics Integration Environment) as framework.

The application works as follows. When the robot is placed in a new environment a map is learnt and a set of goals is fixed. These goals are the critical areas where the robot will focus on, to perform the surveillance task:

The behavior engine of MARIE (not released in the stable version yet!) provides the integration of the mentioned behaviors.

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In this section, now in a very rough way, the main delevoping steps for the project are presented.

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We would like to thank Prof. David Naso for having trusted us since the beginning and for the chance to develop the thesis, the core of ARGONATH project. We wish also to thank all the people of the Mobile Robotics Lab of ISSIA. More, we thank the Robotics Lab of DEE (Electrics and Electronics Department), Politecnico di Bari for hosting these pages.

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 About the Authors

Donato Di Paola & Claudio Marotta are currently students at Politecnico di Bari, they are (hopefully) going to take the Master Degree in Computer Engineering.

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The project has just started from scratch.
Updates will come soon so stay tuned!