David Naso
Associate Professor of
Automatic Control

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell’Informazione (DEI)
Politecnico di Bari
Via Re David, 200 70125 Bari, Italy
Phone: +39 080 5963 649
Fax: +39 080 5963 410
Email: naso[AT]poliba.it








David Naso was born in Salerno, on April 29th, 1967. He received the Laurea degree with highest honors in electronic engineering and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, both from the Polytechnic of Bari, Italy, in 1994 and 1998, respectively. During his Ph.D. studies, he has been also a Guest Researcher with the Operation Research Institute, Technical University of Aachen, Germany, in 1997. Since 1999, he has been with Department of Electric and Information Engineering of the Polytechnic of Bari, where he currently serves as Associate Professor and Technical Head of the Robotics lab. Since 2010, he is also a member of the Executive Committee (Consiglio di Amministrazione) of his University. He has been visiting professor at the University of Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany, during the summer of 2013. He is one of the founders of “Energy Factory Bari”, an integrated multidisciplinary laboratory for research in aerospace and energy based on the partnership between Avio S.p.A. and the Polytechnic of Bari, in which he is also the head of the Control Systems division. His current research interests focus on control of innovative actuators based on smart materials, control of high-speed electrical motors and generators, distributed automation and multi-agent systems. He has published 41 journal papers and 96 conference papers on these topics.


Research interests

  • control of innovative motion and force actuators based on smart materials
  • control of electrical machines for aerospace applications
  • adaptive and nonlinear control
  • distributed automation and multi-agent systems
  • numerical and combinatorial optimization, heuristics

5 Recent Journal Papers

  • A. Gasparri, D. Di Paola, D. Naso, and F. L. Lewis, “Decentralized dynamic task planning for heterogeneous robotic networks,” Autonomous Robots (Accepted on June 9th, 2014, published on line July, 5th, 2014, DOI: 10.1007/s10514-014-9395-y, Full Paper).
  • G. Rizzello, D. Naso, A. York, and S. Seelecke, “Modeling, identification and control of a dielectric electro-active polymer positioning system,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, (Accepted July 6th, 2014, Published online July 29th, 2014, DOI: 10.1109/TCST.2014.2338356, Full Paper).
  • G. Binetti, A. Davoudi, F. L. Lewis, D. Naso, and B. Turchiano, “Distributed consensus-based economic dispatch with transmission losses,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 1711-1720, July 2014. (Full Paper)
  • L. Riccardi, D. Naso, B. Turchiano, and H. Janocha, “Design of linear feedback controllers for dynamic systems with hysteresis,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 1268-1280, Jul. 2014. (Full Paper)
  • L. Riccardi L, D. Naso, B. Turchiano, and H. Janocha, “Adaptive control of positioning systems with hysteresis based on magnetic shape memory alloys,” IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 2011-2023, Nov. 2013. (Full Paper)


5 Recent conference papers

  • G. Rizzello, M. Hodgins, A. York, D. Naso, and S. Seelecke, “Modeling a bi-stable actuator system based on a dielectric electroactive polymer circular membrane,” Actuator 2014, International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuators and Drive Systems, Bremen, Germany, 2014.
  • G. Binetti, D. Naso, B. Turchiano, A. Davoudi, and F. L. Lewis, “Consensus-based approach for the economic dispatch problem,” 19th IFAC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 2014, pp. 3140-3145.
  • G. Rizzello, D. Naso, A. York, and S. Seelecke, “Model-based PID control of a dielectric electro-active polymer positioning system,” 19th IFAC World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, 2014, pp. 10926-10933.
  • A. Altomare, A. Guagnano, F. Cupertino, and D. Naso, “Discrete-time control of high speed salient machines,” IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 2014.
  • L. Riccardi, G. Rizzello, D. Naso, E. Grasso, S. Seelecke, and H. Janocha, “Modeling and control of innovative smart materials and actuators: a tutorial”, IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control: International Symposium on Intelligent Control, MSC 2014, Antibes/Nice, France, 2014, pp. 1-12.

5 Recently funded research projects/contracts

·        Project: “PON 2013-2015 (Titolo III - art. 13), “Aerospace Technological District of Apulia Region”. Project title: “More Electrical Aircraft: Hybrid Energy Management” (MEA HEM, cod. PON03_PE_00067_8), 2014-2016. Main Partners: AVIO, Politecnico di Bari, Istituto di Tecnologie Avanzate per l’Energia CNR, Università del Salento. The project deals with the development of new hybrid propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and general aviation which achieve optimal performances and efficiency by means of increased use of electrical machines. Dr. Naso is the scientific coordinator for Politecnico di Bari.

·        Project: National Technology Clusters: Aerospace Cluster. Title of the project: "Greening the Propulsion” (cod. CTN_01_00236_494934), 2013-2015. Main Partners: Avio S.p.A. (leader), Secondo Mona S.p.A , BLUE Engineering S.r.l., BSim S.r.l. , EnginSoft S.p.A., Petroceramics S.p.A.,  P&G Soluzioni S.r.l., Progesa S.r.l. , HIT09 S.r.l. , Politecnico di Bari, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Universities of Salento, Genova, Roma “La Sapienza”. The project focuses on the development of new technologies for the increase of the use of electrical energy (in line with the more electrical aircraft paradigm) in UAVs and general aviation. The team coordinated by Dr. Naso is in charge of the development of new electrical machines and innovative control systems suitable to highly efficient energy conversion and storage in airplanes. Dr. Naso is the coordinator of the unit of Politecnico di Bari.

·        Project: PON 2007-2013. Project Title: INNOVHEAD “Innovative technologies for reduced emissions, consumption, and operational costs for heavy duty engines” 2013-2015. Main partners: Apulian Mechatronic District MEDIS, Centro Ricerche Fiat. a project of the Mechatronic Districts of Apulia. Objective: Developing a mechatronic camless valve control system for heavy-duty internal combustion engines, also exploring the possibilities offered by smart materials and unconventional actuators. Dr. Naso serves as coordinator of the research unit of his Department.

·        2012-2013, German Research Foundation (DFG), Transfer Project: “Development of a Magnetic Shape Memory Based Mechatronic System”, scientific coordinator prof. Hartmut Janocha, Laboratory of Process Automation, University of  Saarbrücken, funding period: 24 months (2012-2013) (co-operating scientist).

·        PON 2007-2013 – Project Title: MALET (cod. 430272). Development and validation of new technologies for propulsion systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for extended missions at high altitudes. Main industrial partners: Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale, Avio, Alenia (member of the research team).

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