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Updated on May 31th, 2016

Pietro Guccione

Research Fields
photo Assistant Professor
in Communication Systems and Signal Processing at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e Informazione, Politecnico di Bari.

Address: via Orabona 4, 70125 Bari, Italy
Ph.  +39 080 596 3925
Fax +39 080 596 3410
mail : pietro.guccione@poliba.it
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Esami Sistemi di Telecomunicazioni (DM 270 / 509)/ Teoria dei Segnali (DM 509):
Date d'esame indicative per l'Anno Solare 2016 (dettagli su luogo e ora saranno resi disponibili in seguito su portale ESSE3):

: via portale ESSE 3 (chiedere a Segreteria dettagli)
DM 270 (A.A. 2012-2013 e precedenti): iscrizione presso il portale ESSE3

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Summary of Research Activity (student presentation)

Multidimensional Signal Processing
Communication Systems
Signal Theory (OLD)
Introduction to Stochastics Processes (OLD)
Digital Signal Processing (OLD)
Information Theory and Codes (OLD)
Master D. / Bachelor D. / Doctorate thesis-proposal of research (but not limited to):

- remote sensing: design of spaceborne system for Earth Observation: onboard data compression, antenna calibration, system verification, end-to-end simulation of acquisition and processing, analysis of opportunistic targets, in cooperation with Aresys srl

- multivariate analysis and nonlinear techniques: investigation on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in collaboration with Bari Hospital and University of Bari
- multivariate analysis: analysis of speech tracks with the aim of classification of emotion, emotion recognition or other specific purposes
- remote sensing: hyperspectral image classification by exploitation of  collective classification, multiple instance, co-training (in collaboration with Dipartimento di Informatica Università di Bari)
- multivariate analysis: analysis of microscopic images of crystals to infer biological properties of samples, in collaboration with CNR of Bari, Crystallography Institute

Synthetic Aperture Radar processing, design, optimization
Stripmap, ScanSAR, SpotLight, TOPS and Ground Based processing: focusing, interferometry, image analysis, persistent scatterer extraction and statistical investigation, multi-image analysis, multi-baseline interferometry, antenna pattern calibration and verification, Doppler centroid estimation.
Data simulation, testing design and data validation
Synthetic Aperture Radar system design and parameter determination
Hardware on-board and on-ground design support, simulation and  validation
On-board SAR data compression, on-ground decompression, parameter  optimization
Ground reflectivity model simulation and interaction with SAR sensors
Airborne SAR motion compensation
Satellite Doppler Altimeter design and processing

Multivariate Analysis
Time series in climatology: forecasting, efficient compression and accurate extraction of data
Multivariate analysis in X-ray Diffraction and functional Magnetic Resonance Images
Images feature selection, blind source separation, classification of group of subjects, application of complex and nonlinear analysis
Data Hiding and Watermarking methods for media (image, sound, video)


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International Journal

[J.1]          Luigi Mascolo, Marco Quartulli, Pietro Guccione, Giovanni Nico and Igor G. Olaizola, “Catalogue-scale content indexing for approximate nearest-neighbor EO mining”, submitted to IEEE Transactions of Multimedia December 2015.

[J.2]          A. Appice, P. Guccione, D. Malerba: “Transductive classification for hyperspectral imagery data based on spectral-spatial co-training”, submitted to IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, October 2015.

[J.3]          Gianluca Di Profio, Shabnam Majidi Salehi, Rocco Caliandro, Pietro Guccione, Giovanni Nico A. Appice, P. Guccione, D. Malerba: “Transductive Hyperspectral Image Classification: Toward Integrating Spectral and Relational Features via an Iterative Ensemble System”, accepted for publication in Machine Learning Journal, January 2015.

[J.4]          Efrem Curcio, Enrica Fontananova: “Bioinspired Mineralization of CaCO3 Superstructures through a Novel Hydrogel Composite Membranes Platform: a Comprehensive View”, Journal of Advanced Materials, 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, 26 November 2015, DOI:10.1002/adma.201504608, ISSN: 1521-4095

[J.5]          Rocco Caliandro, Pietro Guccione, Giovanni Nico, Goknur Tutuncu and Jonathan C.  Hanson “Tailored Multivariate Analysis for Modulated Enhanced Diffraction”, Journal of Applied Crystallography, Volume 48, Part 6, pages 1679-1691 (2015). Doi:10.1107/S1600576715017070

[J.6]          Michele Belotti, Davide Giudici, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Pietro Guccione and Ignasi Navas-Traver, “Sentinel-1A: Analysis of FDBAQ Performance on Real Data”, IEEE Transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2015, Volume: 53, Issue: 12 Pages: 6804-6812, DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2015.2449288.

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[J.8]          P. Guccione, “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Doppler Centroid in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, Journal of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering. Vol. 2, n. 1, April 2015, (2015) 26-37. DOI: 10.17265/2332-8223/2015.04.003

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[J.10]      A. Appice, P. Guccione, D. Malerba, and A. Ciampi, “Dealing with Temporal and Spatial Correlations to Classify Outliers in Streams of Geophysical Data”, Information Sciences Journal, 2014 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ins.2013.12.009.

[J.11]      P. Guccione, M. Zonno, L. Mascolo and S. D’Introno, "Persistent Point Scatterers Statistical Analysis for X-band SAR data: Cosmo SkyMed case study”,  International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 35, n. 1, pag 127-148, 2014. DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2013.866295.

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[J.13]      A. Appice, A. Ciampi, D. Malerba, P. Guccione. “Using trend clusters for spatiotemporal interpolation of missing data in a sensor network”, Journal of Spatial Information Science, No. 6, 2013, pages 119-153, DOI 10.5311/JOSIS.2013.6.102.

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Paper on International Collections

[B.1]        V. Bevilacqua, P. Guccione, L. Mascolo, P.P. Pazienza, A.A. Salatino, “First progress in Evaluation of Resonance in staff selection through speech emotion recognition”, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013, 658-671, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Nanning, China, 28-31 July 2013).

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[B.3]        P. Guccione, A. Appice, A. Ciampi, D. Malerba, “Trend Cluster based Kriging Interpolation in Sensor Data Networks”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2012, Volume 7472/2012, 118-137, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-33684-3_7.

[B.4]        Scagliola, M. and Guccione, P., “Geometric distortion resilient watermarking based on a single robust feature for still images”, in Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 48, November 2009, pp. 345–357, e-Business and Telecommunications, Springer Berlin Heidelberg. ISSN: 1865-0929. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-05197-5_25., http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/conf/sigmap/sigmap2008.html

International Conferences Proceedings


[C.1]        P Guccione, M Scagliola, D Giudici, ‘Principal Components Dynamic Block Quantization for Multichannel SAR’, submitted to IGARSS 2016

[C.2]        P Guccione, A Lombardi, R Giordano, ‘Assessment of Seasonal Variations of Radar Backscattering Coefficient using Sentinel-1 Data’, submitted to IGARSS 2016

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National Conferences

[C.51]    P. Guccione, C. Cafforio, A. Monti Guarnieri: “Interferometria ScanSAR per stime a larga scala di cambiamenti e subsidenze”, Atti della Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni Scientifiche per le Informazioni Territoriali ed Ambientali, ASITA 2005, Catania, 15-18 novembre 2005. ISBN 88–900943-9-7

Conferences Abstracts

[C.52]    Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Pietro Guccione, “Space Adaptive Quantizer for Interferometric Aplications”, abstract to Advances in Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry and Sentinel-1 Preparatory Workshop, Fringe 2011 Workshop, sept. 2011, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, ESA 2011 Ed.

[C.53]    P. Guccione, C. Cafforio, A. Monti Guarnieri: “Applicazioni della modalità Wide Swath del sensore ENVISAT ASAR: interferometria ScanSAR”, Atti della Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni Scientifiche per le Informazioni Territoriali ed Ambientali, ASITA 2004, Napoli, 25-26 novembre 2004.


Academic short résumé of Pietro Guccione

Pietro Guccione is Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Information Engineering Department of Politecnico di Bari, Italy, since 1999.

In the same University he achieved the master degree in Electronic Engineering in 1996 defending a thesis in signal processing of synthetic aperture radar. He qualified to the examination to engineers register in 1997; in 2000 he graduated PhD in Electronic Engineering with a thesis on radar interferometry.

Since 1999 his interests concerned synthetic aperture radar processing and interferometry; he designed, developed and implemented systems and algorithms for advanced processing, in the framework of international cooperations; he was involved in projects concerning ERS (European Remote Sensing Satellite), ENVISAT (Environment Satellite), Cryosat, SARAT, Sentinel-1 and Cosmo SkyMed with European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency and other national spatial agencies.

His interests have touched Information Theory, biomedical processing and image processing, with particular interests on watermarking, on speech signal and functional Magnetic Resonance Images. Recently he shifted to statistical modeling of X-band SAR images and to multivariate statistical techniques on sensor networks data, in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the Bari University, the CNR-Bari and Vicomtech, Spain.

He collaborated and managed several projects and research studies involving various organizations; among these the Italian Space Agency (co-investigator in the Announcement of Opportunity on Cosmo SkyMed of 2009), the Milan Polytechnic, the European Space Agency (as consultant in several scientific projects concerning the main Earth Observation microwaves Satellites), the Argentine Space Agency, the University College of London, the Remote Sensing Laboratory of Zurich University and various international companies as Aresys s.r.l. (spin-off of Milan Polytechnic), Astrium Germany, Astrium France, Alenia Thales Italy, as well as local companies.

He is or has been teacher of  Digital Signal Processing, Signal Theory, Information Theory and  Communication Systems for the master degree of Telecommunication Engineering. He has been supervisor of over than thirty master thesis among old and new class degree ordering. Topics of the master thesis concerned remote sensing, signal processing, image processing. He has been also supervisor of a doctorate student of the “Scuola Interpolitecnica di Dottorato” on the theme of image processing, watermarking and data hiding. He is currently supervisor of two Doctorate Students on Synthetic Aperture radar problems, ground based SAR, multivariate analysis applied on functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and hyperspectral remotely sensed images classification and tutor of 2 students with grants on theses concerning classification of speech tracks to recognize speaker and emotion.

He has been visiting professor at Vicomtech, Spain, on themes concerning multivariate analysis of biomedical signal processing, visual analytics and big data and is currently in the Commissioning Phase Team of the Sentinel-1 on behalf of the European Space Agency.

He is reviewer of several international journals publishing with IEEE, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis and Hindawi editors; his is author or co-author of over 60 international publications (as journal and conferences); in April 2012 a co-authored paper won the Best Poster Award in EUSAR 2012. He is currently indexed in Scopus  [http://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=7003505664  h-index=7] and in Google Citations [http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=MlEIChIAAAAJ&hl=en h-index=8]. The institutional web page is: http://dee.poliba.it/guccioneweb/index.html

He has been member of the Program Committee of several National and International Conferences, belongs to the Italian scientific-disciplinary order ING-INF/03 ‘Telecomunicazioni’ and has been IEEE member from 2007 to 2011.

1. Commissioning Phase Team for Sentinel-1 A and B EO satellite, on behalf of Aresys srl and ESA
2. Investigation on Persistent Scatterers as targets to be used for antenna calibration and verification for BIOMASS mission, in collaboration with an international team lead by University of Sheffield on behalf of ESA
3. Analysis of scattering properties of various kind of terrain cover at microwaves (a research study of ASI)0

4.   PON (Apulia Space) with the Aerospace Apulian District and Planetek srl, on themes concerning 
Earth Observation and Remote Sensing. Analysis and developing of SAR data processing algorithm - hyper/multi spectral data for the on-board processing. Investigation on data compression, focusing with scalable precision, moving target object detection; selective masking, land classification, early disasters monitoring. 
5. Analysis of complex systems by means of nonlinear recurrence tools applied to biomedical images (fMRI data)

1.   PON (National Funded Research) on human emotional state recognition through speech, facial expression and gesture.
2. Ground Based SAR analysis: focusing, interferometry, interferometric models. Muti-image analysis, atmospheric parameters extraction and modeling.
3. Multivariate statistical analysis: human speech analysis, functional Magnetic Resonance Images, 
X-Ray Diffraction data
4. Time series information extraction and modeling. Nonlinear models, nonlinear analysis and parameters extraction. Time series forecasting.

1.   SAR Image Calibration and Azimuth Antenna Pattern Estimation by means of natrural targets with stable amplitude and phase in time (ASI AO-1080), in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano
2. Sentinel-1 S1PDGS (Ground Segment Payload Data Postprocessors). Implementation and validation of a tool to estimate the on-board scientific data acquired by Sentinel-1 system during its flight on operative orbits. Innovtive Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantizer Compressin is  accounted for. Project in collaboration with Aresys srl, a Remote Sensing Italian company, Astrium France and European Space Agency.

1.    SAR data compression innovative system (Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantizer) studied for on-board data compression in ESA satellite Sentinel-1 (in cooperation with ESA, Aresys srl, Astrium UK, Astrium Germany and Thales Space Alenia Italia)
2.    SAR system transmit and receive hardware modules simulation and study in ESA satellite Sentinel-1 (in cooperation with ESA, Aresys srl Astrium UK, Astrium Germany and Thales Alenia Italia)
3.    ASI (Italian Space Agency) AO1080 ‘SAR data calibration and validation by natural targets’ using Cosmo Skymed products, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano

1.    Airborne SAR data focusing and motion compensation. Joint work with Politecnico di Milano for Argentinian Spatial Agency (CONAE) in the SARAT system design.
2.    Impact of crustal deformation in Matera area using SAR interferometric systems and ESA ENVISAT ScanSAR and Stripmap data for Digimat srl and Geotec srl

1.    ESA Cryosat-1 and Cryosat-2 Doppler Altimeter processor design and validation, support to the design of the ground segment. ESA project in collaboration with Aresys srl, Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College of London and with Advanced Computer System spa Italia.

1.    ESA ENVISAT ASAR Interferometry and differential interferometry for high and medium resolution products, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.
2.    Study, design and realization of focusing and validation algorithms for ESA ENVISAT ASAR sensor. ESA contracts with Politecnico di Milano, Zurich Polytechnic.

Main projects (in course or completed)

[R.1]      Progetto PON Apulia Space PON03PE_00067_6, del Distretto Aerospaziale S.c.a.r.l. 

[R.2]    Progetto PON, sportello FIT, n. B01/660/01-02/X17, "Sviluppo di un Sistema di Rilevazione della Risonanza nei processi di profilazione e selezione del personale", aprile 2011 - aprile 2014

[R.3]     Italian Space Agency AO (Announcement of Opportunity), “SAR Data Calibration and Validation by Natural Targets” ID #1080, February 2010.

[R.4]  ESA-ESRIN/ARESYS Contract “Study of Performance and Validation of the Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantizer for Sentinel-1 SAR sensor”, in cooperation with Aresys srl  spin off of Milan Technical University, Thales Alenia Space, Italy and EADS Astrium GmbH Germany and UK.

[R.5]   ESA-ESRIN/ARESYS Contract “Maintenance and validation of ESA Cryosat-2 Specialized Processor”, September 2006, in cooperation with ARESYS srl, ACS System SpA, Italy, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College of London, UK and ESRIN-ESA.

[R.6]      ESA-ESRIN Contract “Support to Cryosat algorithm implementation”, September 2004, in cooperation with ARESYS srl, ACS System SpA, Italy, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College of London, UK and ESRIN-ESA.

[R.7] ESA-ESRIN Contract N° 18343/04/I-LG “Technical Support for Quality Assestment and Quality Optimization of ASAR Products”, in cooperation with Milan Technical University, July 2004.

[R.8]    Telespazio S.p.A. Contract  #200220974: “Multi-mission ground segment facility development for acquisition and processing of RadarSAT1 data”, November 2002

[R.9]    ESA-ESRIN Contract N° 15609/01/NL/SF on "ASAR Processor Verification", March 2002, in cooperation with  Milan Technical University

[R.10]    ESA-ESTEC  Contract N° 14143/00/NL/GD,  “ENVISAT PF-ASAR Interferometric Products”, March 2001 in cooperation with Milan Technical University, Zurich Technical University - Remote Sensing Laboratory and SARMAP s.r.l;

[R.11] ESA-ESTEC Contract N° 12285/97/NL/GS: “ENVISAT ASAR SCANSAR Modes Study and Simulation”, May 1999, in cooperation with  Milan Technical University.

[R.12]    Geotec and Digimat, srl, Matera, Italy - DEE. “Studio, Progettazione e realizzazione di un servizio avanzato di monitoraggio dei movimenti del suolo”, July 2007.

[R.13]   Elettronika-DEE: “Studio e realizzazione di un codificatore stereo FM numerico”, Elettronika s.r.l. of Palo del Colle, Italy and Electrotecnics and Electronics Dept., may 2000.

[R.14]   Programma PASS, sottoprogramma “Formazione funzionari della Pubblica Amministrazione”, terza annualità, Avviso 2/99del 10 maggio 1999, progetto “Integra” ID 213

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