Papers Presentation
The following media supports will be available for presentation at IWASI 2005:

Notebook computer, O.S. Windows 2000 for Power Point presentation
Slide Projector for translucent slides

If you have planned to use Power Point presentation, I suggest you to send us your work at least a couple of day before the conference in order to preload it on the computer.
Plese send your Power Point presentation at iwasi at
Poster Presentation
Poster supports will be available for your presentation at IWASI 2005.
Please note that your poster will not have to exceed the following dimensions:

Height: 100 cm
Width: 75 cm

For any questions please contact iwasi at
Papers Submission
Papers (max 6 pages) must be submitted by 29th March, 2005 to IWASI at
in pdf format. All text must be in a two-column format. Columns are to be 3-1/4 inches (8.25 cm) wide, with a 5/16 inch (0.8 cm) space between them. Text must be fully adjustified. Type your main text in 10-point Times, single-spaced. The main title (on the first page) should be centered and in 14-point Times Bold. Paragraphs titles should be in 12-point Times Bold.
Author notification: 5th April 2005
For any information on the paper submission please contact:
Prof. Daniela De Venuto
d.devenuto at