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Continuous technological improvements are opening new areas of application in micro- and nano-electronics and photonics. Micro- and nano-sensor systems include on the same die or in the same package also the post-processing electronics for a wide range of applications. Many systems are in remote or noisy locations, e.g. industrial process control, automotive systems, space aircrafts.
The environmental conditions may be very harsh, reducing the overall lifetime due to fast ageing, thus determining the performance degradation. Some applications such as biomedicine, particle physics and electrochemistry, require suitable interfaces to improve the signal detection.

Although significant advances have been reported over the last two decades, many problems are still to be solved. Modeling, design procedures and fabrication techniques are open for research, while industrial interest is aiming at satisfying technological, cost and manufacturing requirements.

The IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces intends to provide a forum for exchange of experience among experts actively involved in research, development and evaluation of new concepts, theoretical methods and experimental characterization as well as in testing techniques concerning micro- and nano-sensor systems.