Day 1 June 26, 2007
8:30 Registration
9.00 Welcome addresses:
S. Marzano, Chancellor of Politecnico di Bari, Italy - M. Emiliano, Mayor of Bari, Italy - D. De Venuto, Workshop Chair
IA Session IA: Advances in Sensors and Interfaces. Moderator D. De Venuto
9.15 Invited
C. Van Hoof (IMEC-Belgium): “Ultra-low power Biopotential Interfaces
and their application in wearable and implantable systems”
9.45 Invited
R. Thewes (Germany) “CMOS Chips for Bio Molecule Sensing Purposes”
10.15 Invited
P. D. Franzon (North Carolina State University, USA) “Molecular Electronic Circuits”
10.45 Coffee Break & Posters & Industrial exhibition
(Note: The exhibition will be open during the whole workshop)
I B Session IB: Bio-sensing for health care. Moderator L. Torsi
11.00 Invited
L. Rothberg (University of Rochester, NY) “Detection of Specific Nucleotide Sequences using Electrostatic Interactions of DNA with Gold Nanoparticles”
11.30 Invited
M. Lanzoni (Bologna University, Italy) “Smart Sensors for Fast Biological Analysis”
12.00 Invited
G. Farinola (Bari University, Italy) “Chemical design, synthesis and thin film supramolecular architecture for advanced performance chemo- and bio-sensing organic field effect transistors”
12.15 G. Costantini, M. Carota, G. Maccioni, D. Giansanti "A New Integrated Kinematic Sensor for the Classification of Sit-to-Stand Locomotion Task"
12:30 E. Ieva, K. Buchholt, L. Colaianni, N. Cioffi, I. D. van der Werf, A. Lloyd Spetz, P.O. Käll, L. Torsi "Gold Nanoparticle Sensors For Environmental Pollutant Monitoring"
12:45 A.Fort, C. Lotti, M. Mugnaini, R. Palmerini, R.Palombari , S. Rocchi, L.Tondi, V.Vignoli "A Two Electrode C - NiO Nafion® Amperometric Sensor for NO2 Detection"
13:00 D. Caputo, G. de Cesare, C. Manetti, A. Nascetti, R. Scipinotti "Chromatographic System Based on Amorphous Silicon Photodiodes"
13.15 Lunch and Panel Session. Moderator E. Cantatore
I C Session IC: MEMS and Sensor Networks. Moderator B. Courtois
14.30 Invited
E. M. Yeatman (Imperial College London, UK) “Energy Scavenging for Wireless Sensor Nodes”
15.00 Invited
A. Flammini (Brescia University, Italy) “Sensor networks for industrial applications”
15.30 G. Costantini, M. Todisco, M. Carota, G. Maccioni, D. Giansanti "A New Adaptive Sensor Interface for Composing and Performing Music in Real Time"
15.45 D. Dondi, D. Brunelli, L. Benini, P. Pavan, A. Bertacchini, L. Larcher "Photovoltaic Cell Modeling for Solar Energy Powered Sensor Networks"
16.00 P. Bruschi, M. Piotto, N. Bacci "Postprocessing Technologies, Interface Circuits and Packaging Strategies for CMOS Compatible Gas Flow Sensors"
16.15 L. Rossi, G. Breglio, A. Cusano, A. Irace, V. Pascazio, A. Cutolo "Multiplexing of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Time Windowed Improved C-PFM Reading Technique. An Experimental Validation"
16.30 R. Sharma R. Mary Lourde "Crosstalk Reduction in Balise and Infill Loops in Automatic Train Control"
16.45 Social event and dinner at the Relais & Chateaux “Il Melograno”, Monopoli (BA)

Day 2 June 27, 2007
IIA Session IIA: High Energy Physics Detector. Moderator E. Nappi
8.45 Invited
W. Snoeys (CERN Geneva, CH) “Electronic system trends and challenges in present day particle experiments
9.15 Invited
L. Musa (CERN Geneva, CH) “Highly Integrated System-On-Chip Circuits for the Readout of High-Energy Physics Detectors”
9.45 F. Corsi, M. Foresta, C. Marzocca, G. Matarrese, A. Del Guerra "Current-Mode Front-End Electronics for Silicon Photo-Multiplier Detectors"
10.00 M. C. Rossi, G. Conte, V. Ralchenko "Polycrystalline Diamond X-ray Sensors: Intensity and Field Dependent Response"
10.15 A. Baschirotto, S. D’Amico, M. De Matteis, F. Grancagnolo, M. Panareo, R. Perrino, G. Chiodini, G. Tassielli "A CMOS high-speed front-end for cluster counting techniques in ionization detectors"
10.30 M. Traversa, P. Prete, I. Farella, P. Paiano, F. Marzo, A. Cola, N. Lovergine, A.M. Mancini "A MOVPE Technology for Fabrication of CdTe-based Homoepitaxial p-i-n Diode Structures as Nuclear Radiation Detectors"
10.45 Coffee Break & Posters & Exhibition
II B Session IIB: Automotive and Industrial Sensors and Sensors Interfaces. Moderator B. Riccò
11.00 Invited
E. Pajot (NOPA - RCC, Jouy-en-Josas, France) “Olfactory nanobiosensors basedon sniffing yeasts”
11.30 Invited
M. Ohletz (ZMD Dresden, Germany) “Requirements for Design, Qualification and Production of Integrated Sensor Interface Circuits
12.00 L. Milor, C. Jia "BIST for Testing of Delay"
12.15 P. Lopalco, S. Lobasso, A. Corcelli, M. Dibattista, R. Araneda, Z. Peterlin, S. Firestein "Do Olfactory Receptors Respond to Explosives?"
12.30 A. De Marcellis, G. Ferri, M. Patrizi, V. Stornelli, A. D’Amico, C. Di Natale, E. Martinelli, A. Alimelli, R. Paolesse "An Integrated Analog Lock-In Amplifier for Low-Voltage Low-Frequency Sensor Interface"
12:45 M. Melani, F. D’Ascoli, L. Fanucci, F. Iozzi, A. Gianbastiani, A. Rocchi "Inertial sensors rapid prototyping for automotive application"
13.00 Lunch
II C Session IIC: Imaging Systems for security. Moderator M. Savino
14.45 Invited
G. Sansoni (Brescia University, Italy) “Application of three-dimensional optical acquisition to the documentation and the analysis of crime scenes”
15.15 Invited
G. P. Suranna (Politecnico di Bari, Italy) “Ter-anthrylene-ethynylenes: new anthracene based structures for solution deposited OTFT with potential sensing properties”
15.30 G. Costantini, D. Casali, R. Perfetti, M. Carota "A Binocular Sensor Interface for Moving Objects Detection"
15.45 F. Lopez, M. Mennuni, M. Giustini, M. Giomini, M. Dezi, G. Venturoli, A. Mallardi, G. Palazzo "Photosynthetic Reaction Centers Embedded in Polyelectrolyte Multilayer as a Tool in the Determination of PSII Herbicides"
16.00 S. Maggi, N. De Leo, M. Fretto, V. Lacquaniti "Superconducting Tunnel Junction X-Ray Detectors with Ultra-Low Subgap Current"
16.15 R. Loiacono, F. Dell’Olio, V. M. N. Passaro "Hollow Core Waveguides for Optical Chemical Sensing"
16.30 A. Guerriero, R. Matarrese, A. Morea, C. Pasquale, F. Ragni, K. Tijani "A Grid Portal to Improve SST Maps"
16.45 Closing addresses: D. De Venuto